Machlas Albach

I've got a secret: I've been hiding under my skin


Ⓣ All tasks involving electrical machines
Ⓣ Knowledge area: Ports & Plugs
Ⓣ Memory of direct experiences
Ⓣ Numenera Training

Special Abilities
Ⓐ Distant Activation (1 intellect)
Ⓐ Scan (2 intellect)
Ⓔ Machine Affinity
Ⓔ Practiced With Light Weapons
Ⓔ Smart
Ⓔ Ward

Tier: 1

Effort: 1


Recovery: 1d6+1


Pool: 8
Edge: 0

Pool: 10
Edge: 0

Pool: 18
Edge: 1

Heavy: 4
(5 s / 3 m)

Medium: 3
(3 s / 2 m)

Light: 2
(2 s / 1 m)

None: 1

ⓁⒸ Forearm Blade (-1/2)

Limit 3

Force Screen Projector  Utility: Worn (Level 7)
Wearable: Ring
Usable: Handheld device
Effect: Creates an immobile plane of solid force up to 20 feet by 20 feet (6.1 m by 6.1 m) for one hour. The plane conforms to the space available.

Gravity Nullifier  Utility: Worn (Level 9)
Internal: Subdermal injection
Wearable: Bracelet
Usable: Small platform on which the user must stand
Effect: For one hour, the user can float into the air, moving vertically (but not horizontally without some other action, such as pushing along the ceiling) up to a short distance per round. The user must weigh less than 50 pounds (22 kg) per level of the cypher.

Motion Sensor  Utility: Worn (Level 5)
Internal: Injection into spine
Wearable: Amulet
Usable: Disk that can be affixed to the floor or another surface
Effect: Indicates when any movement occurs within short range, or when large creatures or objects move within long range (the cypher distinguishes between the two). It also indicates the number and size of the creatures or objects in motion. Once activated, it operates for one hour.

Shins: 4
Bag of Light Tools
Book (numenera)
Light Bladed Weapon: Forearm Blade

Three silken gloves with six fingers each


Nanos are the ‘wizards’ of the Ninth World, performing miracles through the numenera.
Connection: One PC is terrible with (your) machines.

Nano: Corebook, page 32
Talks to Machines: Corebook, page 72
Intelligent: Corebook, page 48

Machlas Albach

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