Numenera : The Crazed Game

A mysterious stranger....
How not to use drugs.

Date 13.2.106 of AOAP

Jaan, Krips and Trask arrive in QI and quickly find trouble. Krips looks on the warning of the gate guard to "not to break the law while visiting or you will answer to the Zhev" as a challenge.

By luck or skill Krips relieves a passing merchant of a few shins while Jaan and Trask go pill shopping. An elderly shop proprietor called Mendreet sells Jaan some drugs for the last of his money.

Later the group arrive at the Revelry without any money to pay for their drinks, just before they are to be beaten and thrown out a mysterious stranger comes to their aid with the offer of paying for our heroes accommodation and drinks.

All looks rosy until Krips opens his mouth and tries to savage the hand that is feeding him, Lady Denia De'Avill maintains her composure and makes a rendezvous for the next day. Heading to bed Jaan experiences a insight into Lady De'Avill's essence and finds her not to be human.  


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